Legacy MLC Business Plan

The Public Disclosure (Business Plan) relating to the MCC process for Legacy MLC has been made available for public inspection as of April 1, 2019.

Legacy Municipal Land Corporation (Legacy MLC) will use community wealth-building strategies to develop place-based assets that may otherwise experience prohibitive barriers to locating in the region. Legacy MLC will use a wide range of innovative entrepreneurial approaches to commercial and residential real estate development, property management and infrastructure advancement, to achieve outcomes beneficial to the needs and desires of residents and partners within a given community.

Although the single-minded focus of Legacy MLC will be to undertake projects to allow the County to overcome some of the roadblocks and barriers to the development of new services in its communities, the scope of potential projects will be very broad. Ultimately, projects may be identified as financially practical that include daycare facilities; seniors and low-income housing; commercial/industrial land development; recreation and community facilities; or internet and telecommunications projects. The possibilities for advancement within our communities will only be limited by the limits of entrepreneurial innovation.

Click Here to view and download the Legacy MLC Business Plan.