Onoway Regional Medical Clinic Writes New Chapter

This vital community facility's growth needs fuel the establishment of a new County-controlled business entity.

Onoway Regional Medical Clinic (ORMC) is a partnership of six municipalities in the Onoway region: Lac Ste. Anne County; the Town of Onoway; and the Summer Villages of Ross Haven, West Cove, Silver Sands and Val Quentin. Now entering its third year of operation, ORMC has provided these communities with accessible, family-focused medical care.

Earlier this year, ORMC approached the County seeking support to find a larger space to meet the facility’s growing needs. An expansion of the clinic would allow for the recruitment of an additional physician, and would accommodate practitioners including nurses, dietitians, therapists, and other specialists to augment the clinic’s service offering.

Seeing considerable value in introducing this additional level of care to our communities, Council has decided to establish a Municipally Controlled Corporation to provide property development and facility management services in the region. The name of this new entity is Legacy Municipal Land Corporation, or Legacy MLC for short.

Initial Steps Toward Success

For its inaugural project, Legacy MLC will construct a new facility for the new medical offices of Onoway Regional Medical Clinic. Under the funding model for the project, Lac Ste. Anne County will loan funds to Legacy MLC for the construction of the facility. ORMC will then pay lease payments to Legacy MLC that will cover the repayment of the loan from the County. These payments will also provide a modest profit for Legacy MLC. As the project develops over the coming months, additional details will be made available to the public.

As the loan principal and interest will be repaid to the County, no tax dollars will be used by Legacy Municipal MLC. Additionally, proceeds earned from this project will be reinvested into future Legacy MLC projects. In the event that County Council elects to dissolve the Municipally Controlled Corporation, all proceeds and assets would be returned to the County. More information about Legacy MLC and the Municipally Controlled Corporation process will be posted on this website as it becomes available. Additional information about Onoway Regional Medical Clinic and its growth plans can be found at OnowayMedical.ca.